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Symposium on the Publishing of Selected Works of Zhu Liqun: From European Security to China’s Foreign Policy

The symposium was held in the Blue Room conference hall of the Social Sciences Academic Press.

On 20th March 2018, a symposium on Professor Zhu Liqun co-sponsored by China Foreign Affairs University and the Social Sciences Academic Press was held in Beijing upon the publication of her posthumous book Selected Works of Zhu Liqun: From European Security to China’s Foreign Policy. More than 30 people attended the symposium, including relevant leaders, scholars and some doctoral students of Professor Zhu Liqun from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peking University, Renmin University of China, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Institute of International Studies, the University of International Relations, Beijing Language and Culture University, Shanxi University, and China Foreign Affairs University.

Professor Zhu Liqun’s former leaders, colleagues, teachers, and student representatives discussed from different perspectives the significance of her academic achievements and the academic road she travelled, speaking highly of her morality as an outstanding scholar. Participants in the discussion included Qin Yaqing, president of CFAU; Zheng Qirong, former deputy president; Gao Fei, assistant to the president; Xie Shouguang, president of the Social Sciences Academic Press Branch; Gao Mingxiu, editor-in-chief of The Contemporary World Press; Wu Hui, deputy president of the University of International Relations; Tan Xiuying, editor-in-chief of the Journal of the University of International Relations; Wang Yizhou, deputy president of the School of International Studies of Peking University; Li Shaojun, researcher at the Institute of World Economics and Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Jia Lieying, president of the School of International Studies of Beijing Language and Culture University; and Mu Yongpeng, Counsellor of the Chinese Mission to the European Union. The forum was hosted by Chen Zhirui, executive editor of the Foreign Affairs Review of CFAU.

Prof. Qin Yaqing, president of CFAU, makes a speech.

In his speech, President Qin Yaqing said that in the current historical context, an outstanding scholar of Chinese international relations must have a firm ideal, firmly believing that peace and cooperation are the trend of world development, and that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is an irresistible historical trend; he must have aspirations of serving China’s diplomacy, safeguarding national interests, and promoting world peace and cooperation; he must have an open mind and be good at critically absorbing all beneficial ideological achievements. Only in this way can we push ahead with studies of China’s international relations, better serve the country and the nation, and more solidly establish the position of the Chinese school in the academic world of international relations. These three qualities have been clearly found in Professor Zhu Liqun’s academic career. This is exactly what we remembered, understood and learned from Professor Zhu Liqun. The participating scholars highly praised Professor Zhu Liqun’s knowledge, bravery in exploring, her modesty and enterprising temperament, and pursuit of solutions to practical problems. She made outstanding research achievements in the areas of European integration, Chinese diplomacy, and international relations theory, leaving a valuable academic legacy. She elaborated on the concept of a “Community of Common Destiny”, analyzed the characteristics of China’s diplomacy, and introduced “practical theory” to promote the “practical turn” of China’s international relations theory which still shines with the light of thought and exudes the beauty of wisdom. The research topics presented in the collection are in full swing and will continue inspiring young students and scholars.

Xie Shouguang, President of Social Sciences Academic Press, delivers a speech.

The attendees also recalled their memories of Professor Zhu Liqun in academics, work, and life. They shared their feelings of affection and gratitude towards Professor Zhu Liqun. She was considerate, approachable, sincere, enthusiastic, optimistic, humble and friendly. She was a good teacher and friend to everyone. In a word, she was an outstanding female scholar.

Prof. Zhu Liqun's relative, Mr. He Hongjing, deliveres a speech.

Zhu Liqun (1958-2016), Professor at CFAU, PhD supervisor. She graduated from the history department of Nankai University in 1982 and received a doctorate in law from CFAU in 2001. In 2003-2004, she went to George Washington University in the United States as a Fulbright senior visiting scholar. She was formerly vice-president of CFAU and the secretary general of the China National Association for International Studies. She received the title of “Beijing Model Teacher of Higher Education” and was awarded a special allowance from the State Council. Over more than two decades, she published more than 50 academic papers at home and abroad, and wrote and edited more than 10 academic works. Representative works include European Security Organization and Security Structure; The International System and Sino-European Relations, and Practices of Engagement: Processes of China's Involvement in International System. Selected Works of Zhu Liqun is comprised of 14 of her papers in the fields of international relations and China's diplomacy, and shows how she matured academically through innovative thinking and the unswerving pursuit of truth.


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