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Prof. Barry Buzan Delivers Speech on International Relations


On the morning of April 24th, 2018, Barry Buzan, professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science, gave an academic lecture titled, "Toward Global International Relations: Reflection on International Relations Studies in a Centenary" in Lecture Hall 419 of the main building of CFAU’s Zhanlanguan Road Campus. He exchanged views with teachers and students on relevant academic issues. The event, chaired by Associate Professor Qu Bo, Director of the Institute of International Relations, was part of the series of academic activities on “International Relations in a Centenary: Development of the Discipline of International Relations.”

Under the theoretical framework of the core-periphery model of world systems, Professor Barry Buzan divided international relations studies and international relations theories into five stages of development, with the two world wars, the end of the Cold War, and the 2008 financial crisis marking the end or beginning of these stages. He traced the development of disciplines and the theoretical construction of international relations in the core and periphery areas at various stages. He pointed out that both in the real world and within the discipline, the core position of the West is gradually weakening, and the status of non-Western countries is gradually rising. After 2008, the international community entered the post-Western era and multi-polarization will be further developed. During the discussion session, Professor Buzan had in-depth exchanges with more than 100 teachers and students on academic and policy research issues such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, China-US relations, the relations between China and Western countries, and the Chinese academic schools of international relations.

The year 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the discipline of international relations. The series of academic activities organized by CFAU aimed to promote the development of the discipline of international relations, contribute to the theoretical construction of international relations and  non-Western countries’ relations, encourage innovation in the theory and practice of diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in a new era, and carry out the construction of the "first-class" discipline of the university.


Professor Barry Buzan is director of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom, an academician of the British Academy, a member of the British Social Sciences Federation, director of the School of Security Studies at the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI), a representative of the "English School" of International Relations, and one of the founders of the Copenhagen School.  His main research fields include international relations and world theories and security theories.