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IAS Receives Foreign Journalists

A delegation of foreign journalists led by the China Asia Pacific Press Center under the China International Press Communication Center paid a visit to the Institute of Asian Studies (IAS) of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) on the afternoon of 24th April 2018. The China Asia Pacific Press Center exchange program was launched in February 2018, by which 16 journalists from 14 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia and the South Asia Pacific region were invited to study in China for one year. This program is aimed at enhancing the development of public diplomacy between China and relevant countries in this area, facilitating the media to observe the efforts made by China to improve the mutually-beneficial cooperation and interconnectivity with these countries. This meeting, as a part of this program, was held to enhance practical cooperation in various fields between China and other Asian countries in the new era. Yang Yue, deputy director of IAS, presided over the meeting. Amongst those scholars attending the meeting were Dean Yu Lei and Ms. Xu Yuxuan from the China International Press Communication Center, Prof. Su Hao and Associate Prof. Zhu Dandan from the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management of CFAU, Associate Prof. Zha Wen from the Institute of International Relations, and Dr. Miao Ji and Dr. Li Fujian from IAS.

At the beginning of this meeting, Deputy Director Yang Yue gave a brief introduction to the IAS scientific research and training and regional dual-track cooperation under the framework of the Network of East Asian Think-Tanks (NEAT), the Network of ASEAN-China Think-Tanks (NACT), and the Network of Trilateral Cooperation Think-Tanks (NTCT). The Chinese scholars then answered journalists’ questions about China’s foreign policy in the new era, the bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation between China and ASEAN, SAARC and South Pacific countries. Both Chinese and foreign participants were actively involved in the discussions on China’s responsibility as a major country in the world, the significance of the “B&R” Initiative, and how countries can dock their strategies with the “B&R”. These fruitful discussions helped the foreign journalists know more about China, enhancing trust and dispelling doubts about China.