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International Security Studies Center

The Center for International Security Studies at China Foreign Affairs University was founded in 1998 with Professor Zhou Qipeng as its first director. Most of its members are researchers from the Institute of International Relations at CFAU. But it has also brought in talent, hiring senior researcher Yang Mingjie from the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, senior researcher Peng Guangqian from the Academy of Military Sciences, and Professor Zhang Haibin from Peking University as part-time researchers.

The center is directed by Professor Wang Fan, the vice president of CFAU. Its main research and teaching areas include international security theory, regional security situation, international security regime, crisis management and arms control and disarmament. Introduction to international security, research on the strategy of great powers, strategic research and frontiers of international security are some of the courses that have been offered. The center also provides master’s and doctoral programs. In the past five years. The center has published United States’ East Asian Policy and more than 10 other books. It has also published more than 100 papers in journals such as World Economics and Politics, Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies and Foreign Affairs Review. The center has hosted international and domestic seminars such as “East Asian Cooperation and Sino-American Relations”, “Sino-American Relations in the Next Five Years” and “The North Korean Nuclear Issue: Prospects and Problems”.




Researchers from CFAU

1. Professor Wang Fan, director of the Center for International Security Studies with interests in International Security and the Strategy of Great Powers and Sino-American Relations.

2. Professor Zhu Liqun, European Security.

3. Professor Zhao Huaipu, U.S. and European Security.

4. Professor Zhou Yongsheng, Asia-Pacific Security.

5. Professor Lu Jing, Non-Traditional Security.     

6. Professor Li Haidong, American Foreign Policy.

7. Associate Professor Qu Bo, Economic Security.

8. Associate Professor Lin Minwang, Asia-Pacific Security.

9. Associate Professor Gao Wanglai, International Security.

10. Assistant Professor Ling Shengli, is the secretary-general of  the Center for International Security Studies with interests in Asia-Pacific Security and Strategic Issues.


Part-time Researchers

1. Professor Zhang Wenmu     (Beihang University)

2. Researcher Yang Mingjie    (China Institute of Contemporary International Relations)

3. Researcher Peng Guangqian  (Academy of Military Sciences)

4. Professor Zhang Haibin      (Peking University)

5. Professor Zhai Kun          (Peking University)


Research Outputs.

1. Zhu Liqun, ed. East Asian Cooperation and Sino-American Relations. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2006.

2. Zhu Liqun, European Security Organization and Security Structure. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2002.

3. Wang Fan, United States’ East Asian Policy. Beijing: Social Sciences Academics Press, 2016.

4. Wang Fan, China’s Diplomacy. Beijing: Beijing United Publishing Co. Ltd., 2016.

5. Wang Fan, Starting Point: Complex Systems Approach and China’s Diplomatic Strategy. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2014.

6. Wang Fan, Lu Jing, eds. An Introduction to International Security. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2009.

7. Wang Fan, America’s Alliance in the Asian-Pacific Region. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2007.

8. Lu Jing, Qu Bo,eds., Transition of International Security System. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2014.

9. Gao Wanglai, Strategic Games in the Nuclear Age. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2015.

10. Ling shengli, Divide to Triumph: Strategy of the United States during the Cold War. Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2015.