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European Studies Center

The European Studies Center at China Foreign Affairs University was established on February 21, 1994, to bear research and teaching tasks related to European Studies. Under director Dr. Zhao Huaipu, professor of International Relations at CFAU, the center advances education and research in various disciplines, providing services to policy-makers, scholars and the public.

Over the years, the center has adhered to its tradition and strengths in the comprehensive study of the European Union and European integration. It specifically explores EU institutions, policies and law within the context of globalization and global governance, including a focus on the EU in international affairs and institutions.



The center has 10 full-time research fellows, including Professor Zhu Liqun, Professor Zhao Huaipu, Professor Chen Zhirui, Professor Xiong Wei, Dr. Su Mingzhong and Dr. He Gang. All the fellows have doctorates in Political Science, Law or economics; they all have experience of studying abroad, especially in Europe. Four of them studied or worked in Chinese embassies for more than two years.


Projects & Activities

The European Studies Center has organized and implemented research projects such as the development of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and its impact on China-EU relations. Other research projects have focused on Common European Defense and its influence on European-American relations; a comparative study of EU and NATO eastward enlargements, in particular, the two enlargements and their impacts on the triangular relations among Europe, America and Russia; the European Union’s arms embargo on China; the influence of EU Eastward Enlargement on Sino-European economic and trade relations; the European debt crisis and its impact on European integration; the EU system of civil and commercial jurisdiction; Britain and European integration; contemporary history of U.S.-European relations, European and U.S. Responses to China’s Rise: Theory, Strategy, and Interaction; and assessment of the Asia-Europe Meeting process.

The European Studies Center has been actively engaged in joint research activities with European partners, such as the EU Asia-Link Program (as a partner) and the Program for Improvement of Teaching International Negotiations. The center has also hosted academic conferences and seminars, such as the Sino-European Comprehensive Strategic Partnership: Retrospect and Prospects and EU-U.S. Relations after the Iraq War.

On the education side, the center has an entire teaching program on the EU and European integration based on a comprehensive curriculum. The main courses include: the EU and European Integration, Politics and Diplomacy of the EU, the European Economy, Sino-French & Sino-European Relations; EU-U.S. Relations, and European Union Law. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses vary in content.