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Research Centers
American Studies Center

The American Studies Center (ASC) is endeavoring to promote research on US diplomacy and China-US relations, and to form an interactive environment among scholars and students within and outside China Foreign Affairs University. The ASC concentrates on studies on current US diplomacy with significant strategic impact on the world and on US-China relations.


Now four teachers are working as full-time faculty members, including Prof. Xiong Zhiyong, Prof.Li Haidong, Prof.Yao Yao, and Prof. Ling Shengli. All of them have research experiences abroad or in distinguished research institutes in China. Their articles and monographs and their commentaries in influential media have drawn lots of attention from peers and the public, and have made contributions to related policy formulation in the policy community.

Research Projects

The ASC has carried out projects on America’s rebalancing strategy toward the Asia-Pacific region and the US’ transformative diplomacy in recent years. Among them, research concerning the US alliance system and America’s strategy toward the Middle East are more conspicuous. All issues that the ASC faculties explore have profound strategic influences. More research projects will inevitably increase the popularity of ASC among pundits in China.