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The Center for National Soft Power Research, CFAU

About Us

The Center for National Soft Power Research (CNSP) was approved to be founded by China’s Foreign Ministry in 2013. Affiliated to China Foreign Affairs University, the CNSP is a national think-tank and research institute in the fields of politics, foreign policy and international relations. 

Mr. Li Zhaoxing, former Foreign Minister of China, serves as the President of the Center, and Mr. Jiang Zhenghua., former Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Mr. Andres Pastrana, former President of the Republic of Columbia as well as other national and international experts act as the Senior Advisor of the Center. The Current Director: Associate Professor Yao Yao.


The targets of the Center are: to establish the structure and theory of soft power research in China; to provide policy suggestions on soft power to the government; to strengthen the interactions among governments, media and think-tanks.

The Research Areas of the Center are:

Soft Power and Traditional Chinese Culture 

Soft Power and China’s Foreign Policy

Soft Power and China’s International Strategy

Soft power and China’s People-to-People Diplomacy