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BRICS Research Center of CFAU

About us

BRICS Research Center of CFAU was founded in May 2012. The center has a highly professional faculty, and there are now more than 10 researchers who are doing research in BRICS cooperation and BRICS countries studies, including 3 professors and 10 associate professors.

BRICS Research Center not only does academic research, but also actively cooperates with the university to engage foreign experts and organize academic activities. Until now, the Center has hosted foreign experts from the U.S., Germany, Italy, India, Russia, and so on. In 2014, BRICS Research Center of CFAU signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the BRICS Research Center of Fudan University to strengthen academic cooperation. On September 9-10, 2015, the Center worked with the Institute of International Relations of CFAU to co-organize an international workshop on Emerging Countries and World Order in Beijing. We invited more than 30 scholars and government officials from China, Russia, India, Brazil, the U.S. and Germany to the workshop to discuss the achievements and challenges for the emerging countries, the driving force for BRICS’ cooperation, and the implication of these new emerging countries for restructuring and streamlining world order. The workshop got a very good response.

The researchers at BRICS Research Center have published some articles in Chinese journals such as Foreign Affairs Review, Global Review, Contemporary World, Academic Frontier, etc. Now the director of the center, Prof. Lu Jing is conducting a National Social Science Fund Project “A Study on the Driving Force of BRICS Sustainable Cooperation”.


Dr. Lu Jing (Director of the BRICS Research Center, Professor in Global governance and the BRICS cooperation study)

Dr. Ren Yuanzhe (Deputy Director of the BRICS Research Center, Associate Professor in China foreign policy study and the BRICS cooperation study)

Dr. Xia Liping (Professor in China foreign policy study, Consular Protection and Safety of Overseas Chinese Citizens’ study)

Dr. Qu Bo (Associate Professor in IPE and Global governance study)

Dr. Lin Minwang (Associate Professor in India study)

Dr. Tan Jijun (Associate Professor in Russia study)

Dr. Gao Wanglai (Associate Professor in BRICS’ non-traditional security cooperation study)

Dr. Zhang Cuizhen (Associate Professor in BRICS financial cooperation study)

Dr. Zuo Xiaoyuan (Associate Professor in Lati-America study)

Dr. Nie Wenjuan (Associate Professor in BRICS’ human rights cooperation study)

Dr. Liu Ying (Assistant Professor in BRICS’ traditional security cooperation study)

Dr. Ling Shengli (Assistant Professor in BRICS’ traditional security cooperation study)

Dr. He Gang (Assistant Professor in BRICS’ cooperation study)