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Research Centers
Center for International Business Law at China Foreign Affairs University

Since two decades ago, the regulatory and legal landscape of the corporate world has been shifted from national to global mode. We established the Center for International Business Law at China Foreign Affairs University as we reckon that the dramatic changes that have been reshaping the world would inevitably impact the study and practice of international business law domestically and internationally. The Center was established to address and help shape those changes, becoming a leader in international business legal education in China.

In a world where globalization is a given, the professors of the Center offers students a variety of well-regarded courses addressing the changing nature of the international business legal world. This broad scope has covered international law and jurisprudence, international economic law, international business, and comparative business laws. The courses endeavor to bring enriching educational experience for interested students.

Under the auspices of the Center, we have hosted visiting scholars from overseas to enrich our faculty and student body by giving lectures in international law. The professors at the Center are frequent speakers at public forums, symposiums, public media on the topics of their academic and practice interests. They are well-reputed publishers of books and treatises that have been used as Ph.D., MBA, and EMBA teaching materials in major universities and business schools in China.

The Center’s mission – for the present and future – is to contribute to the exploration of important issues of interest to business organizations, regulators, policy makers, practitioners, jurists, scholars, and future lawyers in this important field, making the Center an important resource for the international business law community.

Researchers of the Center are Professor D. Yu, Professor Gong Yingchun, and Professor Zhang Xiaoli.