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Campus Selection for Global Brand Competition Held at CFAU

The campus selection for the Global Brand Competition, sponsored by the School of International Economics, was held at the Shahe Campus on December 17th, 2017. 18 teams registered for the campus contest, and 12 of them were selected for the finals. 

In the contest, participants were well prepared in introducing their branding plans. Their impressive presentations varied from single speech, sitcoms to creative videos, and were comprehensive and practical.

Contestants introduced their brand planning with respect to status and image perception, market analysis, existing competitors, core values, future brand development strategies, brand promotion, and financial budget. They designed their own brand logos and promotion plans, and selected spokespersons to better promote their brands. Their proposals offered real-life applications to better serve business needs.

The questioning session of the judges was very exciting. The experienced judges put forward many detailed and practical questions, but the contestants responded with a good understanding of their brands. 

After four hours of fierce competition, Associate Professor Yan Shigang gave wonderful and accurate comments on this competition. The president of the Student Union under the School of International Economics announced the results of the competition.The five teams that won the first and second prizes would participate in the China area competition on behalf of CFAU.

The contest has not only enhanced the students’ ability to use the knowledge they have learned to carry out brand planning, but also further improved their ability to fully think about  creative design and planning. Thanks for the careful preparation of players, the meticulous instruction of teachers, and the careful arrangement of the staff. The contest was a complete success. May the five teams achieve good places in the China area competition.