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Student Life
The Intro to the Students’ Union of China Foreign Affairs University

The Students’ Union of China Foreign Affairs University is an organization for students’ self-education self-managing, and self-serving, playing an important role as the bridge between the students and the university. The union now includes 6 centers as bellows:

The Administration Center is a functional department which fulfills as the lubrication for the running of the Communist Youth League Committee and Students’ Union of China Foreign Affairs University. In light of the fact that the Administration Center is capable of uniting and coordinating with all branches and departments of the Students’ Union, it plays a vital role when it comes to holding large-scale events, say, on-campus and inter-school contests and conferences. The Center consists of seven departments. Among them, three are directly affiliated to the Communist Youth League Committee, namely, the Office of the Communist Youth League Committee and Students’ Union, the Department of Publicity, and the Organizing Department. Moreover, the Public Relations Department, the Department of Sports and Entertainment, the Department of Campus Service Management and the Girls Department are also the indispensable departments of the Students’ Union.


The Academic Center serves the students by managing the students’ academic associations on campus. The center has three students’ associations under its jurisdiction, namely, the Current Affair Study AssociationCASA),the Academic Departmentand the CFAU Model United Nations Association, which are the main associations that regularly hold academics-related activities among students in CFAU. Every year, students at CFAU can take part in various activities concerning current affairs, international relations, visiting embassies, the UN, and participating in the group of English learning and practicing, etc., all of which are planned and organized by these student associations. As for the Academic Center, it serves both as a platform where these associations exchange, communicate and coordinate and as a supervisor which examines the plans for the activities, evaluates the significance and gives advice before they are carried out. It also assists these associations in organizing big academic activities. The Academic Center aims to introduce CFAU students to the best academic resources these student associations have access to and engage the students in various academic activities, which hopefully will benefit their study and enrich their campus life.


The Media Center officially has three student associations, including CFAU Broadcasting Studio, The Diplomatic Youths Magazine and Young Diplomats Newspaper. As for the Media Center, it serves as a platform where these associations exchange, communicate and coordinate, and also assists these associations in organizing big academic activities and keeps track of the achievements and performance. Each academic year, the Center will hold the National Mock Spokesperson Competition, attracting colleges and universities from different parts of China, and provides opportunities for students to visit the Ministry of foreign affairs and Xinhua News Agency.


The Practice Center is part of Students' Union of China Foreign Affairs University, providing the CFAUers with various practical activities and high-quality volunteering service. The Practice Center is composed of 4 communities: CFAU Volunteer Association, the Association of Perception and Action, Love in Heart Society and the Red Cross in CFAU. The Volunteer Association provides our students many kinds of volunteer activities; The Association of Perception and Action focus on two main fields: theory and practice, covering a series of activities: Learning, volunteering, employment guidance, and nation-wide Model Proposal Contest for State Affairs; Love in Heart Society is determined to promote community service and professionalism in children education and disability alliance. The Red Cross in CFAU is a branch of ICRC (International committee of the Red Cross) which aims at protect human life and health, to ensure respect for the human being, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering


The Students’ Association Union (abbr. SAU) of China Foreign Affairs University is a department managing all the students’ communities. It devotes to enriching students’ life as well as providing them with broader platform for interest. It also endeavors to create a better campus atmosphere. The union has 5 first-class associations and 16 second-class associations at present, ranging from sports clubs to cultural committees. Now the number of communities is still increasing, and anyone who wants to set up new ones is welcome. The Students’ Associations Union of CFAU holds a heart of serving students’ communities, varies cultural atmosphere of campus, while effectively manages and guides more than 20 communities.


The Art Troupe of China Foreign Affairs University is the leading organizer and participant of school’s art performances and activities. With a capacity of 170 members, the troupe has 5 branches, including the Dance Team, the Chorus, the Orchestra, the Drama Club and the Management Department. Each year, it organizes the New Year Gala, the joint performance and many other shows in and off the campus. Harboring a great passion in art, members in the troupe spend much of their spare time practicing and rehearsing under the guidance of professional teachers. We have also been invited to regional or national competitions and win myriads of honors for our university. In brief, the Arts Troupe exactly manifests the principle of “combining education with recreation” and the youthful vigor of our CFAU students.