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IOC President Thomas Bach Has a Cordial Conversation with CFAU Winter Olympics Volunteers

On 18th February, Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympics Committee (IOC), kindly greeted the Winter Olympics volunteers from China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) during his visit to the hall on the first floor at the Main Media Center (MMC).

After the visiting delegation led by President Bach entered the hall, Fu Yu, a Winter Olympics volunteer from CFAU, presented President Bach with the MMC commemorative Olympic pin badges. In the subsequent impromptu performance, Cai Shihao led the song “Together for a Shared Future”. While chatting, President Bach asked the two students: “You are from which university?” The two students proudly replied, “We are from China Foreign Affairs University!”


Fu Yu, a student from CFAU, gave gifts to President Bach.

In the conversation, Fu Yu explained the meaning of the souvenir to President Bach — the MMC pin badges embody the Olympic spirit of “Faster, Higher, Stronger -Together”. President Bach also mentioned the performance at the Main Media Center, saying: “The work you do is something to be proud of. In this process, you will understand the true meaning of ‘Together for a Shared Future’.” When asked about his work as a volunteer, Cai Shihao described his unique “Olympic journey” as “amazing” and “exciting”. President Bach said that it was a wonderful experience for volunteers to meet people from various countries.

After receiving the surprise gift from the volunteers, President Bach also gave the volunteers the IOC Olympic pin badges as a gift to express his gratitude and appreciation to the students.

President Bach Together with Cai Shihao from CFAU

President Bach Gives the IOC Olympic Pin Badges to the Volunteers

Many media outlets including Beijing Youth Daily and China Daily reported on this event.

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