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News and Events
The Delegation of Singapore Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Visited CFAU

On October 23rd 2019, a delegation of three, including the director of Singapore Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Mr. Choi Shing Kwok, and the director of the Vietnamese studies program, Mr. Lye Liang Fook, visited CFAU. Vice President Gao Fei extended a warm welcome to the visitors and introduced CFAU, with a specific focus on the Asian Studies Institute.


After their meeting, the seminar hosted by Guo Yanju involved the participation of the Professor of the Department of Diplomacy, Su Hao, the Director of the Asian Studies Institute, Guo Yanjun, the Vice President of the Institute of International Relations, Yang Yue, and Associate Researcher of the Asian Studies Institute, Han Zhili.


Both sides exchanged their points of view on the impact of Sino-Singaporean relations, America’s Asia-Pacific strategy and Sino-American relations on regional cooperation, ASEAN’s Indo-Pacific strategy as well as other issues. They also had a profound dialogue on how to further their cooperation.