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President Xu Jian met with Bahraini Ambassador to China Xie Hu

On January 4th, a visiting delegation led by Bahraini Ambassador to China Dr. Mohamed Ghassan Mohamed Adnan Shaikho (Xie Hu) met Xu Jian, President of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) and Chancellor of China Diplomatic Academy (CDA), accompanied by Gao Ming, Director of the Academic Department of CDA, and Qu Dan, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of CFAU.

On behalf of China Foreign Affairs University and China Diplomatic Academy, President Xu first extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Ambassador Xie Hu, and gave a brief introduction to CFAU and CDA. The two sides shared their views on the preparation of diplomatic teams and the cooperation between the diplomatic training institutions of the two countries. Xu said that China and Bahrain enjoy a friendly relationship, and China is willing to increase the exchanges and joint learning initiatives with its Bahraini counterparts, enhance the level of cooperation, and further strengthen the capacity for the training of diplomats in both countries, so as to forge ahead with the bilateral relationship of friendly cooperation. Ambassador Xie Hu thanked President Xu Jian for the meeting, and gave a brief outline of the Bahraini Academy of Diplomatic Studies and the training of Bahraini diplomats. Also as a member of the board of the Bahraini Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Ambassador Xie noted that China has rich experience in the training of diplomats and he looked forward to deepening the cooperation with CFAU and CDA in this field..

Ambassador Xie Hu is a senior Bahraini diplomat who was appointed ambassador to China in October 2021., He has previously served as ambassador to India, Indonesia and other countries.