Department of International Law

LU Song

LU Song

Professor of Law, Department of International Law, China Foreign Affairs University


LL.M., Free University of Brussels (1986)

LL.M., China Foreign Affairs University (1985)

LL.B., Law Department of Peking University (1982)

Fulbright Scholar, Law School of Stanford University (1995-1996)

Visiting Scholar, Max Planck Institute (Hamburg, 2008)



Research Fields:

Arbitration, Dispute Resolution in Commercial Transactions, Civil Procedure, Civil and Commercial Law.


Arbitration Law and Practice (at CFAU, Geneva MIDS Program, Law School of Tsinghua University) and Legal English for Chinese Law Students.

Principal Publications:

1. National Report for China, ICCA International Handbook for Commercial Arbitration, 2014, Kluwer Law International.

2. “The Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Hong Kong”, Yearbook of Private International Law, Vol. XV, 2013/2014, Sellier European Law Publishers, September 2014.

3.“国际商事仲裁中的证据”,《北京仲裁》第88, 20149月。

4. “The New CIETAC Arbitration Rules of 2012”, Journal of International Arbitration (2012) 29, Kluwer Law International, September 2012.

5. “The EOS Engineering Corporation Case and the Nemo Debet Bis Vexari Pro Una et Eadem Causa Principle in China”, Chinese Journal of International Law, (SSCI) Vol. 7, No.1, March 2008, Oxford University Press.

6.“国际法在国际关系中的作用”, 中南海法制讲座十四讲》,中共中央党校出版社,20037月。