Naixi Liu

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2003-2007 China University of Geosciences-Beijing, Bachelor of Mathematics

2010-2012 Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, MBA in Finance

2014-2018 China Agricultural University, PhD of Economics (2016-2017 Visiting at Pennsylvania State University-University Park)



2018-,Assistant Professor, School of International Economics, China Foreign Affairs University



International Economics, Macro Industrial Organization, Economic Diplomacy



Marketing, Economic Relation and Diplomacy, Macroeconomics Analysis



The Mystery of Increasing Gender Imbalance of Tertiary Education in China: Causation and Influence on Macroeconomic Growth. Working paper. 2019

Too Crowded to Leave: the Inflection of Population Aggregation and Industrial Cluster. Working paper. 2019.

Capability mobility and endogenous value chain structure: a new theory to explain FDI mode choices. Working paper. 2019

Does Cross-border Mobility of Capability Affect Overseas Direct Investment Choices by Chinese Multinationals?. Working paper. 2018 (with David Blandford)

Does FDI promote the TFP of Chinese Agricultural Firms? Panel Evidence from 99801 Firms[J]. Chinese Agricultural Economics. 2018(04), 90-105. (with Pingping Wang)

Direct Sampling of Probability Wight Reverse Mapping Method and Its Application[J]. Statistics and Decisions. 2016(06),12-21.



“Was WTO Entry of China a Mistake? The Role of Increasing Agricultural Import to Chinese and Worldwide Agriculture”,  2019 Annual Meeting of  Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Atlanta, GA, 2019.07

“Does Cross-border Mobility of Capability Affect Overseas Direct Investment Choices by Chinese Multinationals?”, 29th Annual Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association, Livorno, Italy, 2019.05

“Can Agro Ecological Governance Reduce the Growth Drag?”,4th rural study conference: reconsider rural issues, State College, PA, 2016.10


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