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Teachers and students attended the 2019 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund

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From October 15 to 23, 2019, professor Ou Minggang and associate professor Li Feng of the school of International economics, together with Huang Hao, a graduate student majoring in world economy, along with finance undergraduates Peng Haozhen and Shi Haowei, attended the 2019 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund.

The Annual Meeting was attended by government officials, business executives, university professors, experts from think tanks, social organizations, world’s media outlets and student representatives from 189 member states. Besides traditional topics such as economic outlook, financial stability, fiscal issues, economic governance, anti-corruption and poverty reduction, and climate change, there were also hot topics such as the future of low interest rates and central banks, cooperation between big data and central banks, financial technology and inclusive finance, marine environmental protection from the perspective of finance, and women's responsibilities. Discussions were carried out in various ways: traditional official link of closed-door meetings and economists’ discussions and debates, dialogues designed for government officials, Governor Talks hosted by the Governor of the central bank, and Youth 's Take designed for young scholars of the IMF. The Culture Event,aimed to promote cultural exchanges and to help the delegates immerse themselves in the cultures of China, Russia, Morocco (host of next year's IMF/WGB Annual Meeting) and Japan (host of this G20 summit).

Students and teachers from our university attended most of the academic conferences and important press conferences of the annual conference, covering topics ranging from financial stability and global economic governance, to big data and financial development, poverty reduction and foreign aids for less developed countries, global climate governance, human rights protection and inequality elimination, and global energy security and anti-corruption.

On the afternoon of October 16, Mr. Lin Jianhai, secretary-general of the IMF, received professor Ou Minggang and his delegation. Secretary-general Lin warmly welcomed the arrival of our teachers and students, introducing the basic situation of the IMF and the significance of the spring and autumn meetings and expressing the expectations for the students, “I hope for students to cherish the opportunity, participate in the discussions actively, ask questions and fully get in touch with a more authentic IMF.” With the help of secretary-general Lin, the teachers and students attended the plenary meeting presented by official representatives of the IMF and world bank annual meetings. Professor Ou Minggang and associate professor Li Feng participated in a seminar entitled "New challenges for emerging economies ten weeks after the crisis" organized by the World Bank.

During the conference, alumni from the IMF and the World Bank gave us support and assistance in various aspects. Partial alumnus and other Chinese economists also had communication with the teachers and students about how to cultivate international financial management talent.

On the afternoon of the 21st, teachers and students visited the Institute of International Finance (IIF), a trade association with many financial institutions and market players around the world. Mr. Ma Qing, director of China economic research department, shared the main contents of the IMF annual meeting and his views on China's economy and finance.

The teachers and students who attended the meeting will carefully summarize the harvest of this academic experience and promote the first-class discipline construction of our university in the aspects such as the talent cultivation for international economic and financial organizations from the perspective of scientific research and talent training.

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