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【Brand Activities】The National Mock Spokesperson Competition

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Hosted by the China Foreign Affairs University and undertook by the CFAU Broadcasting Studio, the National Mock Spokesperson Competition is one of the special events of CFAU and has been held for 9 years. As the only college which is under the direct subordinate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CFAU has unique advantages in the professional field and close contact with the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant institutions. Therefore, the National Mock Spokesperson Competition has been held in such advantaged condition for 9 times and gets the media, businesses and other social sectors of the community's recognition and population.

The National Mock Spokesperson Competition is extremely unique in all colleges among the nation for its specialization and particularity, which has violently attracted college students and the society. The competition creates a stage for students to display their professional knowledge and political quality. Furthermore, the judges of all previous competitions are the top and best on-the-job spokesmen, including the spokesmen of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the China's Taiwan Affairs Office. All contestants of The National Mock Spokesperson Competition are from colleges in the top class, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University, etc. which both guarantees the competition level and provides the full convenience to promote the competition among colleges all around the nation.

In 2017, CFAU will meet the threshold of the 10th National Mock Spokesperson Competition. To celebrate the special year, the scale and format of the competition will be greatly reformed. The CFAU and the competition sincerely welcome students from the major colleges and people from different sectors of the community to join the 10th competition and enjoy it with us!

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