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【Brand Activities】China University Model Diplomatic Negotiation Contest

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China University Model Diplomatic Negotiation Contest is sponsored by Current Affairs Study Association (CASA) and has been successfully hosted for 4 years.

In this contest, participants will represent different countries and resolve conflicts. The situations are set up based on real-world political landscape. But the virtual settings free students from actual restraints of a particular nation and enable them to be innovative in strategies and policies.

Students form a team and act in various roles. Each team will have general background information of the issue, including the basic introduction and the unsettled problems on the agenda. In addition, each team will have a secret file, directing them the goals they are expected to achieve through this 50-minute negotiation.

With the support of our school and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CASA is honored to invite many revered former ambassadors and professors as our judges and these experienced experts give useful feedback to students to help them better their knowledge and expression.

China University Model Diplomatic Negotiation Contest gives us a chance to apply theories to practical conversations and deepen our understandings of diplomacy and national interest in the most vivid way.

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