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Foreign Affairs Review, Vol.34,No.1 2017

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1.Looking for Breakthroughs in International Relations Theory:A Marxist Approach ......Wang cungang

2.International Relations Theories: Dilema, Development and the Future .......Liu feng

3. Between Modernity and Post-modenity: Uncertainty of the East Asian Security Order.........Weiling

4.China's Engagement in Reghional Organizations of Security Cooperation:Patterns and Prospect.....Li dongyan

5.China's Foreign Policy Toward ASEAN:Misperception and Perception......Shao jianping

6.Inter-party Relations and Inter-state Relations:the Impact of Party-to-Party Exchanges on Sino-French Relations in the Cold War Era.......Gao jiayi

7. International Law in International Relations:A Legal Construct Based on International Institutionslism......Chen zhaoyuan

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