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Chinese Language Program

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I. Program of Study, Program Length and Campus Location


Program: Chinese Language

Program Length: one semester - two years (Full time)



One academic year usually consists of two semesters. The Fall semester begins in September and ends in January. The Spring semester begins in March and ends in July. Students enrolling in the Chinese Language Program shall be placed in elementary, intermediate or advanced level classes according to their proficiencies in the Chinese language. Classes will be held from Monday to Friday, 20 hours in total per week. Optional lectures like calligraphy and Taijiquan (Chinese shadow boxing) are offered. Lectures are assigned in accordance to the teaching plans each year. Upon the completion of studies, eligible students will be able to obtain the certificate.


Location: Classes are held at the Zhanlan Road Campus (old campus)


II. Entry Requirements, Deadlines and Application Process

i. Entry Requirements                                      



Applicants must have completed a senior secondary education or above.


ii. Application Deadline: June 10th (applying to the Fall semesterbeginning in September), December 10th (applying to the Spring semester beginning in March)


iii. Application Process

1. Student can check the CFAU’s International Students Section website ( for more information. There, they can fill out the international student application form found under“Study in China Online Application (来华留学在线申请) ”. Students must upload the electronic version of their documents according to the checklist found on the website. The ISS will examine and verify the documents that have been uploaded.



2. Upon completion of the online forms and document verification has occurred, students should print out and sign the “International Student Application Form” and the “Letter of Emergency Contact”.


3. Please physically mail the following documents to the CFAU International Students Section located in Zhanlan Road Campus:

(1) The “International Student Application Form”



(2) A Copy of the applicant’s passport

(3) The “Letter of Emergency Contact” signed by the emergency contact living in China (Notes: For students under 18, his/her parents or guardians must sign “The Power of Attorney” form which is available at the local Chinese embassy and his/her parents must appoint a relative or friend in Beijing as the student’s guardian.)



(4) Latest certificate of education

(5) Four standard passport-size photographs (front view with nothing covering the head)



(6) For applicants who are currently enrolled in another Chinese university, they should provide the following additional documents:


     a. The sealed transfer letter from the International Students Section of the university where they are currently enrolled.



     b. A copy of the applicant’s student visa or residence permit.


III. Accommodation


Students may choose either live on-campus or off-campus.



i. For students who choose to live on-campus:

International Exchange Center (IEC) (Zhanlan Road Campus)



The IEC offers suite-style rooms. The center offers central heating and a 24 hour hot water supply. Rooms are equipped with an automatic fire alarm and sprinkler system. Each suite is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV (including CNN), a desk, a bookcase, and a telephone, etc.

Every floor has a public kitchen where the international students can cook. Students may contact the reception desk if they need help setting up the Internet, buying IP cards, sending fax, or doing laundry.


For more information, please refer to the document: Policies & Procedures for International Student Residents Living in the International Exchange Center.

Please note that rooms in IEC cannot be booked in advance.


ii. For students who choose to live off-campus

Students are allowed to rent apartments off-campus or stay in hotels, but should remain cautious. According to Regulation of the Division of Exit-Entry Administration, within 24 hours of an address change, foreign visitors or residents should report to the local public security organization to fill out the Registration Form of Temporary Residence (does not apply to those who check into hotels). International students should submit a copy of the registration form of temporary residence to ISS. Students who violate this regulation will be warned and/or be fined a fee of 2000 RMB.




IV. Living Expenses

i. There is a one time Application and Registration Fee of 400 RMB that needs to be paid at the time of submitting the application.


Applicants who physically mail documents are not advised to send cash.


The application and registration fee is non-refundable.


ii. Tuition fee: 18,000 RMB/year; 9,000 RMB/semester  


New students pay their tuition fees at the time of registration, while currently enrolled students pay at the end of the preceding academic year.


Students who wish to transfer to another institution or dropout shall be entitled to a refund of the tuition according to the following guidelines:

80% if he/she does so within the first two weeks of the semester;

60% if he/she does between week #2 and week #4 of the semester;

No refund will be issued for students who waited more than four weeks after the beginning of the semester to make their request.


iii. Insurance fee: 800 RMB/year; 400 RMB/semester

The insurance fee should be paid along with the tuition fee.


(According to the regulations of Chinese Ministry of Education, international students who study in China have to purchase Chinese domestic medical insurance. CFAU purchases medical insurance through Ping An Insurance Company of China for accidental injury and hospitalization of international students. Those who do not pay the insurance fee will not be registered.


iv. Accommodation Fee    

International Exchange Center (Zhanlan Road Campus)


Two-bed Room: 150 RMB per bed per day from the 1st floor to the 4th floor; 160 RMB per bed per day from the 6th floor to the 7th floor (as of the 2014 Spring semester)

Students are advised to apply early. Students may check in after being offered a room. The accommodation fee shall be paid on a monthly basis. The accommodation fee needs to be paid one week prior to start of the next month.



V. Contact Us


i. Zhanlan Road Campus:



Tel: 86-10-68323894,68323341,68323348

Fax: 86-10-68323243,86-10-68348664



Add: International Students Section, China Foreign Affairs University, 24 Zhanlan Road, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Postal Code: 100037



ii. Shahe Campus


Tel and fax: 86-10-81754717



Add: Room 131, Building A,China Foreign Affairs University, University Park, Changping District,Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Postal Code: 102206




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