About CFAU Alumni Association

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About CFAU Alumni Association (CFAUAA)
  The history of the CFAU Alumni Association dates back to as early as October, 1985, after the 30th anniversary celebration for the founding of the University in September, 1955. Its purpose then was to “establish wide connections with alumni, care about and support the university’s efforts in nurturing qualified talents for diplomacy and international studies; to facil-itate contact and conduct networking activities among alumni”. It is the first alumni organization of CFAU. Although the CFAUAA hasn’t been officially registered with the Civil Department, It has taken on many tasks since its founding during the university’s 40th, 50th and 60th anniversary celebrations.
      Over recent years, in order to better connect and serve its alumni, the university has attached great importance to CFAUAA’s work and given great attention and care to alumni’s development. Led by the university leadership and aided by active participation of alumni, we have tentatively built datapools of alumni’s information and contact in provinces and cit-ies of Guangdong, Shanghai, Qingdao and Chengdu,etc. and also in regions of North America and Europe,etc. We have also formulated The Constitution of CFAU Alumni Association (draft), set up the alumni office with dedicated person in charge, opened a special alumni page on CFAU’s official website and a Wechat public account, and conducted many teach-ins, lectures, academic exchanges, and activities of employment guidance and networking events. CFAU graduates at home and abroad care about the university from the bottom of their hearts. Many of them have expressed hopes for establishing an alumni association on many occasions, especially during the 60th anniversary celebrations in September, 2015.
      In order to respond to the sincere request of our alumni at home and abroad, enhance the connections between CFAU and its alumni and bring into full play the role of the alumni association as a bridge and bond, the CFAU party committee, after exchanges of ideas, has decided to submit an official application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Civil Affairs for the official registration of the CFAU Alumni Association. CFAUAA’s purpose is to actively strengthen the connections between CFAU and its alumni, and among alumni, enhance united efforts for coop-eration, boost prosperity by carrying forward CFAU’s fine traditions, nurture talents and contribute its part to CFAU’s reform, development, teaching and research, and to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
      Since it was founded sixty years ago, China Foreign Affairs University has nurtured nearly 30,000 excellent graduates for our country, based on the principle to serve China’s overall diplomacy and frontline diplomacy. Among them, nearly 500 have been Chinese ambassadors to foreign coun-tries. CFAU has made a significant contribution to China’s diplomacy and foreign affairs. Currently, about 4000 alumni at home and abroad have contacted or registered with us via the wechat public account and the alumni webpage.


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