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Second Young Scholars’ Forum of CNAIS held at Nanjing University

The Second Forum for Young Scholars in International Relations Studies of the China National Association for International Studies (CNAIS) was held at Nanjing University on 14th April 2018. The Young Scholars Forum was jointly sponsored by the China National Association for International Studies and the Asia-Pacific Development Research Center of Nanjing University, and co-organized by the China International Relations Journal Research Society. The theme of the forum was regional orders and great-power relations. 

Prof. Qin Yaqing pointed out that the young scholars participating in the forum were highly representative and professional. He emphasized that the vigorous development of the discipline of international relations requires the continuous infusion of new talents. The Young Scholars Forum has provided a good platform for academic exchanges and the demonstration of research results for young scholars. The China National Association for International Studies will continue to devote itself to providing more opportunities for exchanges and development for young scholars. Lastly, President Qin Yaqing said that a strong discipline of international relations depends on talented young scholars in the field. He encouraged young scholars to focus on academic theories and policy research and contribute to the progress of China’s international relations research.

On behalf of Nanjing University, Prof. Wang Mingsheng expressed his gratitude to all parties supporting the forum. He pointed out that China had formed an all-round, wide-ranging and distinctive China program in its participation in regional governance and handling of relations between big countries. He also stressed that the theme of the youth forum was in line with the spirit of President Xi’s keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018. He hoped that this youth forum would stimulate the academic enthusiasm of young scholars in the field of international relations research, strengthen academic exchanges among them, and promote the sustained development of China's international relations discipline. 

Afterwards, Tan Xiuying, the chairman of the China International Relations Journal Research Society, made a speech. She said that young scholars are active, innovative, and hard-working. China International Relations Journal Research Society will focus on promoting and training young scholars. Chairman Tan praised the convening of the Young Scholars’ Forum as a grand event for the international relations academic community. She encouraged young scholars to take on the responsibilities and missions entrusted by the current era and wished the forum great success.


The forum consisted of four keynote speeches and six sub-forums. The keynote speech was chaired by Professor Sun Jisheng, secretary general of the China National Association for International Studies and vice president of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU). Further keynote speeches were delivered by Prof. Qin Yaqing, President Zhang Yunling from the Chinese Association of Asia-Pacific Studies, Prof. Cui Hongjian from the Institute of European Studies of the China Institute of International Studies, and Associate Director Wu Bingbing from the Department of Arabic Language and Culture at Peking University.


The four scholars carried out in-depth analysis of issues such as regional governance in East Asia, Asia- Pacific regional relations, "multi-speed Europe", regional power restructuring and the geopolitical strategic pattern of the Middle East from the perspective of practice processes, and outlined several international situations: the unique perspective of China’s international relations theory, the concept and mechanism of reform in the Asia-Pacific region, the transformation of European foreign policies, and the origins of political disputes in the Middle East.


Later, young scholars from various universities and research institutes across the country conducted in-depth discussions of the following topics: theoretical reflections on the changes in the relations between great-powers, Asia-Pacific order and great-power relations, the dilemma of the Middle East and games between great-powers, European order and the role of great powers, South Asian order and the competition and cooperation among great powers, and regional orders and China's diplomacy.

The closing ceremony was chaired by Xia Liping, deputy secretary-general of the China National Association for International Studies. Chen Zhirui, the editor-in-chief of the Foreign Affairs Review and Prof. Shi Bin from the Asia-Pacific Development Research Center of Nanjing University made comprehensive summaries.