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Center for Russian Studies

The Center for Russian Studies at China Foreign Affairs University was founded on February 24, 1994, and professor Tan Jijun is Director of the Center. The Center have organized a number of successful events, which fall into three parts:


1.Hosting Annual Seminar on China-Russian Relations for Three Years

   In December 2014, January 2016, December 2016, Russian Studies Center held Annual Seminar on China-Russian Relations. The series of academic seminars provide not only an excellent platform for the Chinese top Russia researchers and scholars to discuss China-Russian relationship and exchange views with each other, but also a valuable opportunity for the teachers and students in our university to understand the latest situation of China-Russian relations.


2. Hosting “Eurasia Studies” Thematic lectures

  The Russian Studies Center has invited top Chinese  experts on Eurasia and Russia study, diplomats and scholars to give lectures in June, 2014. The four thematic lectures, “China-Turkmenistan Relations and Central Asian Gas Pipeline Projects”, “Civilization, Political, and the Ukraine in the Dilemma of War”, “The Tendency and Characteristics of Ukrainian Crisis”, “China-Russian Relations”, covered a wild range of contents from unique perspectives, and gave teachers and students precious and vivid opportunities to deepen their understanding on Ukrainian Crisis and Central Asian region.

3. Hosting Foreign Students Exchanges Meetings

   In recent years, the Russian Studies Center has held exchange meetings for Chinese graduate student who have studied in Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Moscow institute of International Relations with Russian students who are studying in China Foreign Affairs University, which have strengthened the mutual understanding between Chinese and Russian students and have laid ground work for further deepening cooperation between China Foreign Affairs University and Russian universities.

In addition, experts and scholars from the center for Russian Studies have been also tracking and interpreting issues such as Russian diplomacy and China-Russian relations.

Looking back over the past three years, the Russian Studies Center has reached fruitful results, and the staff of the center are ready to make continuous efforts and strive for a brighter future for this institute.