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Research Centers
Russian Studies Center

The Center for Russian Studies at China Foreign Affairs University was founded on February 24, 1994, to engage in Russian studies and teaching activities. Associate Professor Tan Ji Jun from the Institute of International Relations is the dean of the center.

The main scope of the center includes: Russia, the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS), Central and Eastern Europe; and studies focusing on Russian transformation, Russian foreign policy, Russian diplomatic history, relations between CIS countries and so on.



    Dr. Lin Jun: Professor and doctoral supervisor.

The Sino-Soviet RelatiThe Sino-Soviet Relations 1968-1989, The Sino-Soviet Diplomatic Relations 1917-1927, and Russian Diplomatic History..

Yang Chuang: Professor and doctoral supervisor.

Representative works: A Century of China -Russia RelationsAn Outline History of the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Unionco-authored), and Modern International Relations.

Dr. Gao Fei: Professor, doctoral supervisor, and assistant to the dean of the China Foreign Affairs University.

Representative works: Chinese Diplomats and the Reform and Opening-up (co-authored), Gentlemanly Diplomacy in a Harmonious World (editor-in-chief), On Diplomacy co-authored), and Transformation of Political Culture and its Impact on the Evolution of the Sino-Russian Relationstreatise).

Dr. Tan Ji Jun: Associate professor, supervisor of master’s degree students supervisor, dean of the center.

 Immigration Policy of the Soviet Union in the Period of “The Great Transformation”, and New Century Ru Immigration Policy of the Soviet Union in the Period of “The Great Transformation”, and New Century Russian Diplomatic Video Course. 

Dr. Liu Ying: Instructor.

Representative work: Mr. Putin's State Theory and Russian Transformation. 

Courses &Activities

The center’s researchers have participated in many research projects from national ministries and commissions and colleges. They have published many academic books and teaching materials as seen in the profiles above. It also offers many courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students at CFAU, such as Soviet Russia Diplomatic StudiesContemporary Russian DiplomacyRussia's Contemporary PoliticsThe China-CIS relations studiesand Eastern Europe Studies.

The center has established good academic ties with the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian University of International Relations and a number of other Russian institutions. Regular academic communications assist in the training of students and researchers.