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Latin American Studies Center

The Center for Latin American Studies at CFAU was established in 2009. It is a loosely organized association aimed at academic research on Latin America and the Caribbean, and disseminating knowledge to the public.



With the initiation of a Spanish program two years ago, the number of researchers has increased and research fields expanded.

The center has eight researchers with diversified academic backgrounds in history, international politics, mass communication, literature, and linguistics. The center also has guest researchers in the form of retired diplomats, and occasional visiting scholars.  


Projects finished and in progress:

1. “China and Brazil relations” in International Orders in a new Era: Great Power Relations and China’s Diplomacy.

2. “Evolution of Brazilian Diplomatic Concepts and the Transformation of its Foreign Affairs Institution.”

3. Latin American’s Discourse on China’s Rising in Comparative Studies on “China’s Rising” Discourse.

4. “U.S. policy toward Latin America in the 21st century.”

5. “Chinese Culture Diplomacy toward Latin America” in Chinese Culture Diplomacy.



The center’s publications include books, articles in academic journals and essays in magazines and newspapers.


Academic exchanges:

The center has close interaction with most key institutions of Latin America Studies in China and has exchange programs with some international institutions. In recent years, the center has hosted visiting scholars from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Connecticut and Universidad Externado de Colombia for short-term exchanges.


Contact: zuoxy@cfau.edu.cn

No. 24, Zhanlan’guan Rd. Xicheng District, Beijing, China, 100037