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Human Rights Studies Center

        China Foreign Affairs University is among those institutions of higher learning in China that have spearheaded human rights studies. It is the first university in China to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses on International Human Rights Law. During the past 20 years or so, CFAU has built a mature and stable research team in the field of human rights that has produced influential published research, fulfilling the promise when the Human Rights Studies Center was established in 2012. The center is continuing to further intensify its efforts in the research and teaching of human rights, making its due contribution to the heightening awareness of human rights awareness and China’s human rights diplomacy.


        Zhang Aining is the director of the Human Rights Studies Center, a professor of law, vice dean of the Department of International Law at CFAU, deputy head of the CFAU International Law Research Institute, secretary-general and executive council member of the Chinese Society of International Law, member of the editorial board of the Chinese Yearbook of International Law, and member of the academic committee of the Beijing Law Society. Professor Zhang teaches International Law, International Human Rights Law and Legal Practice. She is among the earliest group of scholars in China to undertake the teaching and research of Human Rights Law. She was a visiting scholar at the Human Rights Law Center at the University of Nottingham,UK; she has worked in the Norwegian Center for Human Rights at the University of Oslo, Norway. She attended the China-EU human rights dialogue as a member of the Chinese delegation, joined in the deliberation of China’s report on implementing the Human Rights Conventions of the UN in Geneva. She has regularly provided expert advisory opinion on the issue of human rights to the CPC Central Committee and relevant Ministries or Commissions under the State Council. She has also taken part in many international exchange programs on human rights and achieved beneficial results in research on human rights.

        Li Hongbo is the deputy director of the Human Rights Studies Center, a professor of Law, director of the legal clinic at CFAU, and member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Third Intermediate People's Court of Beijing. Professor Li teaches Jurisprudence, Comparative Law and Human Rights Law. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Bergen, Norway. He has conducted beneficial research on human rights.

        Jiang Guoqing is a professor of Law, doctoral supervisor, executive council member of the Chinese Society of International Law, council member of the China Society for Human Rights Studies, and director of the UN Human Rights Studies Center at CFAU. He was a visiting scholar at the Human Rights Law Center at the University of Nottingham, UK. Professor Jiang regularly attends conferences on human rights and has written many essays on the subject.

        Gao Xiudong  is a professor of Law who mainly teaches International Criminal Law.

        Qin Xiaocheng is a professor of Law, teaching International Law, International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law. He was among the earliest group of scholars in China to undertake the teaching and research of Human Rights Law and took part in many international cooperation programs on human rights. He was also a core complier of A Course in International Human Rights Law, the first guidance book for teachers of this subject in China.

        Zhou Wangshu is an associate professor who teaches and carries out research on Constitutional Law and Administrative Law.


Main Research Results:

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