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Shahe Campus of China Foreign Affairs University

1. In July 2012, the construction of 11 buildings during the first phase completed with a total construction area of around 80,000 square meters. The first and second phases of construction covers an area of 433 mus and the buildings are: the teaching building, administration building, library, auditorium (with 695 seats), students’ dormitory (with 644 rooms for 1991 people; four boys share one, three girls share one and two overseas students share one), food&drinks center (4 canteens for 1250 people, and students’ canteen has 900 seats), the supermarket, café, gym( with a swimming pool, indoor basketball and table tennis courts) and an inward reception center (with 135 rooms).

2. On September 1, 2012, the first group of 620 students came to live in the Shahe Campus, among them, 60 are overseas students and the rest are first and second year undergraduates. The current number of students in the university is around 1300 (include 40 overseas students).

3. Things have been greatly improved over the three years and the new campus has become more beautiful and greener, with a green area of 88,268 square meters with 9 theme areas. They are: the Garden of Pine, Bamboo and Plums, the Boulevard of Peaches and Plums, the Sakura Garden, the Lilac Garden, the Magnolia Garden, the Peony Garden, the Orchard (apples, hawthorn, persimmons and grapes.etc.), the Crape Myrtle Corridor and the River Bank Weeping Willow. The design goal of the new campus to ensure that there are blooming flowers in the spring and rich fruits in the autumn has clearly been met. What’s most iconic are the Square of the Great Men, the stone with Premier Wen’s inscription, the water system and others.

4. There are 79 classrooms in total (all installed with multi-media equipment), among which 53 are multi-media classrooms, 14 with normal recording and broadcasting systems, 5 language labs, 3 computer rooms, 2 difunctional classrooms (in which the machines serve as both language learning tools and computers), 1 moot court room and 1 room for simultaneous interpretation. The rooms altogether can accommodate 3250 people to have classes at the same time.  

5. There are 335 seats in the library and the volume ratio is 3.85:1.

6. There are 185 offices in the administration building, and 160 are for teachers. 

7. There are 129 rooms available at the Reception Center, among which 76 are single rooms, 32 are double rooms and 21 are triple rooms.

(Gate of the Shahe Campus)

(The stone with Premier Wen Jiabao’s inscription)

(Bronze Statues of Premier Zhou Enlai and former CFAU President Chen Yi in front of the Auditorium)

(Flagpoles in front of the Auditorium)

(Teaching Building)

(Information Center)

(Office Building)

(Full view of the Shahe library)

(The seventy-seat lecture hall in the library)

(The 22-seat multi-media conference room in the library)

(Rest room in the conference room)

(The 34-seat multi-media conference hall)

(Inside of the Shahe library)

(Inside of the Shahe library)

(Inside of the Shahe library)

(Café in the Shahe Campus)

(Inside of the Shahe café)

(Students’ canteen in the Shahe Campus)

(Sports ground in the Shahe Campus)

(The basketball court after the rain)

(Standard swimming pool with eight 50-meter lanes)

(The water system beside the students’ dormitory)

(The bridge above the water)

(Night view of the bridge)

(Students’ dormitory)

(Guest room in the Reception Center)

(Guest room in the Reception Center)

(Guest room in the Reception Center)