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Zhanlan Road Campus of China Foreign Affairs University

China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) has two campuses, the Zhanlanguan Road Campus with a floorage of 79,000 square meters, and Shahe Campus, which takes up around 80,000 square meters of building area in the first phase construction and covers an area of 28.8 hectares (about 433 mus). Both are equipped with a complete set of supporting infrastructure and a logistics service team, who provide all-around and personalized services. The Zhanlanguan Road Campus was put into use in 1955 when CFAU was established whilst the Shahe Campus construction completed in September 2012 right on schedule when the first two grades of undergraduates arrived. In September 2013, Shahe became home of the first years of graduates, undergraduates and second degree students. Logistics Office, Department of Infrastructure Construction and Logistics Service Corporation are among the major logistics service departments.

(Gate of the Zhanlanguan Road Campus)

(Main building in the Zhanlanguan Road Campus)

(The bust of Chen Yi in front of the main building)

(The Jiazi Tower in front of the International Exchange Center in Zhanlanguan Road Campus)

(Night view of the Youth Square in front of the International Exchange Center)

(Inside of the café in the Zhanlanguan Road Campus)

(Inside of the café)

(Students’ dormitory in the Zhanlanguan Road Campus)

(Students’ dormitory)

(Night view of the Youth Square in front of the students’ dormitory)

(Lobby of the International Exchange Center)

(Guest room in the International Exchange Center)

(Guest room in the International Exchange Center)

The Communist Party Committee of CFAU, act in accordance with the principles of proper degree of infrastructure construction, standard management and orderly operation, utilize special fund for the project in legal and reasonable ways to meet practical needs of the university. A number of projects would be finished and come into force in 2016, including the maintenance and renovation of the south and north wing buildings, the upgrading and rebuilding of the security system, the transformation of campus energy conservation system, the construction of underground parking lot as well as the building of the sports field and its supporting projects. 

These projects, the underground parking and sports field in particular, will greatly improve the “software and hardware conditions” in the university, as the former will change the chaotic situation of land traffic and the latter will provide a place of game and fun for both the faculty and students, making life and study more comfortable and convenient.

(Aerial view of Zhanlanguan Road Campus)