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Student Life
Welcome the Freshmen

On August 30th, we welcomed the freshmen of China Foreign Affairs University(CFAU). The freshmen came to the "cradle of Chinese diplomats" from all over the country, started a new life in the university and became a member of CFAU.


From the school gate to the Square of the Great, the library, the dining hall, the dormitory, the teaching building are the banners inspiring these new students to establish their ideals, to pursue virtues, to study diligently to realize their dream and serve their motherland as a full-fledged diplomat.


In the morning, Vice President Sun Jisheng came to the receiving site to manage the work, express gratitude to the receiving staff and exchange cordially with the freshmen and their parents.


Leaders and teachers of the functional departments such as the Student Department, Logistics Office, Finance Department, Security Department,Youth League Committee, as well as leaders and advisors of different departments, extended a warm welcome to freshmen and their parents.


The Student Department also prepared beautiful postcards with the scenery of the campus and a time capsule for those freshmen. Freshmen can record their expectations for the future and their plans for university on the postcards and throw them into the time capsule. Four years later, the university will return these capsules of dreams to the students, enabling them to recall their wishes and ideals from four years ago to have a better plan for their future. At the same time, this postcard also represents the university's expectations and good wishes for the freshmen, in the hope that the new students will make good use of the coming four years.


The staff of all units and student volunteers were already at their posts at 6 o'clock to receive freshmen. With their sincerity and thoughtfulness, they made freshmen and their parents feel at home.


With the help of the faculty and volunteers, freshmen went through the procedures step-by-step with excitement and expectation, and finally got the key carrying their future, enabling them to pursue their dream, deliver their vigor of youth to the campus and make the future of the university better .


The university set up a reception station at Shahe Subway Station and provided shuttle buses from the Shahe Subway Station to Shahe campus for the freshmen and their parents. Volunteers from the School of International Economics and the Graduate Department helped to carry luggage and guided freshmen with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, leaving a good first impression..


The Student Department opened a “green channel” and prepared a package for every freshman. Vice President Sun Jisheng sent the packages to the freshmen and encouraged them to overcome difficulties, strengthen their confidence, and study hard  to achieve excellent results.


 The university willcarry out series of activities surrounding the theme “Strengthening Ideals and Faith, Realizing Diplomatic Dreams” after the reception and launch the “2019 Freshmen Pilot Project” to help freshmen adjust to university life, adapt their new roles more quickly, and grow up healthily.