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CFAU Team Wins Second Place in the 2018 Law of the Sea Moot Court Competition

The 2018 Law of the Sea Moot Court Competition was held at the Wuhan University from June 9 to June 10. The competition was co-sponsored by the Collaborative Innovation Center for Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights, the Department of International Cooperation of the State Oceanic Administration, and the Chinese Society of the Law of the Sea. The aim of the competition is to enhance students' interest in studying the law of the sea and to strengthen their understanding of national maritime issues. Our team was instructed by Dr. Wang Jia of the Department of International Law. The CFAU team members included Fu Bing, Wu Ruoyu, and Du Xinshi; Zhang Ao-nan, Jiang Lingli, and Jiang Xintong acted as observers. 

The topics covered in the competition were related to foundational and leading issues in international public law, such as the international law of the sea, treaty law, and international common law, which greatly promoted our students’ attention and enthusiasm on these relevant issues. Our team won the second place prize; Fu Bing won the award for best debater.