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CFAU Held Orientation Events for Foreign Teachers

On 30th August 2019, as the new semester began, the Foreign Affairs Office of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) held orientation events to welcome new foreign teachers.

On the morning of 30th August, all the new foreign teachers went to the Shahe campus to become acquainted with the school. With the guidance of the Office of Logistics and Security Office, foreign teachers learned to use the multimedia teaching equipment and finished the image collection of the campus face recognition system. Student volunteers accompanied the group and guided them through the university history gallery, library, cafeteria, and gymnasium, which helped them to learn the history of the university and basic information of the Shahe Campus.

In the afternoon, the foreign teacher meeting was held in the 1103 room of the International Exchange Center. Faculties in charge of liaison with foreign teachers from the Department of Diplomacy, Department of English and International Studies (DEIS), Department of Foreign Languages and International Studies (DFLI), Department of International Law, School of International Economics (SIE) and School of International Education and Continuing Education (SIECE) also attended the meeting. Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office Ma Xinyu hosted the meeting. Wu Xiaoping, Director of the Office, delivered a welcome speech. She introduced the history, characteristics, primary mission, and targets of the university and appreciated the contribution that foreign teachers made in the "Double First Class" construction. Director Wu wished for further development of the college through the joint efforts of all foreign teachers.

The representative of foreign teachers, Ms. Caroline Juhasz, who has been working at CFAU for nine years, shared her experience in teaching and learning Chinese with new teachers. Mr. Marcus de Freitas also shared his thoughts and experience of participating in the school activities and internationalization process of the university. Li Lewei from the Foreign Affairs Office presented the notifications of working and living in China, including the relevant laws and regulations, school rules, as well as the colorful extracurricular activities.

At last, Professor Shi Yi, Dean of the Department of English and International Studies, and Professor Zhou Pingping, Deputy Dean of the Department of Foreign Languages and International Studies, presented the specified teaching arrangements and regulations of their departments according to the teaching language and courses.

The orientation events allowed foreign teachers to fully understand the related regulations and get acquainted with the work arrangement and environment, promoting the exchange between Chinese and foreign teachers and cultivating a harmonious atmosphere.

This year CFAU recruited 18 long-term foreign teachers and researchers from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Japan, Italy, Siri Lanka, Brazil and the Republic of Korea, including a professor, an associate professor and a post-doctor. They will teach courses related to international relations, diplomacy, English, French, Japanese, Spanish and conduct research in international relations.

During the summer vacation, the Foreign Affairs Office assisted foreign teachers in handling procedures and documents including work licenses and visas. Since 25th August, the office helped the teachers to check-in, take a medical examination, register for a campus card, sign an employment contract and apply for a residence permit.

The office expressed its sincere thanks to the department involved, including the Department of Diplomacy, DEIS, DFLI, Department of International Law, SIE, Institute of International Relations, SIECE, the office of logistics, security office and library.