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The President of the Russian Far East Federal University Visited CFAU and Signed a Student Exchange Agreement

On 1st April 2019, president of the Far Eastern Federal University of Russia, Nikita Anisimov, visited CFAU. Professor Qin Yaqing, president of CFAU, and Professor Gao Fei, vice president of CFAU, met with the delegation. Associate Professor Wu Xiaoping, director of the Foreign Affairs Office, and Associate Professor Ren Yuanzhe, director of the Department of Consular Teaching and Research, accompanied Nikita Anisimov to the meeting.

President Qin extended a warm welcome to President Anisimov and gave a brief introduction to CFAU. Later, President Qin and President Anisimov discussed teacher-student exchange, scientific research cooperation and other topics. 

The Russian Far Eastern Federal University is the largest and most innovative internationally renowned institution in the Russian Far East and a member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance. Formerly known as the Russian Oriental Research Institute, the university was formed in 2011 with the merger of the Russian Far Eastern National University, the Far Eastern Technical University and the Pacific University of Economics.

After the meeting, President Qin and President Anisimov signed a student exchange agreement between the two schools. The two sides plan to send students to each other's colleges for exchange and study.

President Anisimov has served as president of the Far Eastern Federal University since August 2016. He previously served as vice president of the Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering and the executive secretary of The Russian Council of School Olympiads.