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Flagler College Delegation Visits CFAU


On 9th May 2018 Dr. Joseph Joyner, president of Flagler College of the United States, led a delegation to visit CFAU. President Qin Yaqing and Vice President Sun Jisheng of our university met with the delegation. Wu Xiaoping, director of the Foreign Affairs Office, and Deputy Director Qu Dan accompanied them. President Qin expressed his warm welcome to Dean Joyner and his delegation, and briefed them on the facts of CFAU. Joyner said he was very happy to have the opportunity to visit CFAU. Both parties expressed their hope to cooperate in academic exchanges.

Afterwards, Dean Joyner held a discussion with the teachers of the Department of Diplomacy, the Department of English and International Studies, the Department of International Economics, the Department of International Law, and the Institute of International Relations in Lecture Hall 1103 of the Exchange Center. The topics of discussion included academic research and student cultivation in both institutions.

In the afternoon, Dean Joyner and his delegation visited the Shahe Campus of CFAU where he, along with Deputy Dean Dr. Alan Woolfolk, Deputy Dean Ms. Deborah Thompson and Dr. Allison Roberts, professor of economics, delivered a series of lectures on the Trump administration's influence on US higher education and international trade. The lecture series was held in Lecture Hall 2012 of the Executive Building and was chaired by Vice President Sun Jisheng. Dr. Alan Woolfolk analyzed the political situation in the United States and expressed his opinions on the problems encountered by higher education in the United States after Trump came to power. Ms. Deborah Thompson, deputy director of the Recruiting Admissions Program, introduced the situation in which American universities recruited international students after Trump took office. Finally, Dr. Allison Roberts analyzed how international trade benefits the country and the world, how Sino-US trade shapes the world economic structure and how the Trump administration’s new trade policy influences domestic and international trade.

After the lecture, the four professors answered a series of questions on Sino-U.S. relations raised by the students in our university


Dr. Joseph Joyner previously served as the superintendent of the St. John's County School District in St. Augustus, Florida (2003) and the president of the Florida State Superintendent Association (2009). He won the Goscraig Award from the Salvation Army in recognition of his outstanding contribution to community service. After the lecture, the four professors answered a series of questions on Sino-U.S. relations raised by students in our university.

This event will help strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between CFAU and Flagler College in the United States, and help CFAU further go global so as to better serve the construction of the “first-class discipline” of the university.