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Mahiga, Tanzania's Minister of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation, Visits CFAU

Tanzania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation, the Hon. Dr. Augustine Philip Mahiga, along with his delegation, visited CFAU on the morning of December 20, 2017. Prof. Qin Yaqing, Prof. Gao Fei, and Wu Xiaoping, director of the Foreign Affairs Office met with the delegation.

President Qin Yaqing expressed his warm welcome to Foreign Minister Mahiga’s visit and gave a brief introduction of CFAU. Mahiga stated that he was delighted to have the opportunity to visit CFAU and expressed his thanks to the university for its training of Tanzanian diplomats and students. He hoped to cooperate with CFAU in joint research in the future.

Afterwards, Mr. Mahiga gave a speech at the library lecture hall on the topic of "Bilateral Relations between China and Tanzania, presided over by President Qin. He introduced the history, current situation and future of China-Tanzania relations. China and Tanzania have maintained good partnerships and cooperation since the establishment of diplomatic relations. When talking about the construction of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway, Mr. Mahiga expressed his gratitude for China’s support and admired the openness of the railway to enable Tanzania to connect with West Africa and South Africa and to promote Tanzania’s economic development. Foreign Minister Mahiga praised China's Belt and Road initiative. Tanzania will seize this opportunity to promote cooperation between the two countries.

When it came to Tanzania’s diplomatic principles, Mr. Mahiga expressed support for the five principles of peaceful coexistence. Tanzania’s diplomacy follows three principles: mutual respect for sovereignty, equality and independence of the country, and practicality and participation.

Finally, Mr. Mahiga hoped that the young generations of China and Tanzania would continue  the friendship between China and Tanzania.

President Qin Yaqing pointed out that China and Tanzania enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership and that both parties are trying their best to support each other. This relationship is based on mutual understanding, equality, and assistance. Both China and Tanzania should continue to strengthen cooperation and partnership so that this friendship can be passed on from generation to generation.

In 1983, Hon. Mr. Mahiga entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tanzania. He served in the UN Refugee Agency, serving as Permanent Representative to the United Nations and UN Secretary-General Special Representative for Somalia. Since December 2015, he has served as Tanzania's Minister of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation.