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About Us

About Us

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1.1 General Introduction

School of International Education and Continuing Education (SIECE) is a secondary school under China Foreign Affairs University, mainly responsible for carrying out continuing education, international cooperative programs and public training programs on foreign languages or foreign affairs. There are two kinds of international cooperative programs --- International Partnership Program (IPP), International Bachelor Program (IBP), and some tailor-made training programs open to the public as well.

School of International Education (SIE) was founded in 2008 in order to develop our programs. IPP enrolls students throughout the country, selecting senior high school graduates with good English language abilities and being determined to study abroad. IPP provides a convenient fast track towards the world’s first-class universities. With one-year’s study at CFAU, when students finish intensive training in English language and credit courses of CFAU, they will start their study abroad. Till now, IPP has sent out a thousand of excellent students to some renowned universities such as University of Alberta, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia in Canada, and University of Rutgers, University of California in Berkeley, University of Cornell in USA etc.. With its high-level international teaching standard, personalized management, and high ratio of successful visa services, IPP won high praises from students, parents and different organizations. IPP has become a competitive and highly-recognized program at home and abroad.

After making enough preparations for the authentication and recognition of credits courses with overseas universities, SIE launched International Bachelor Program (IBP) in 2013 to share our first-class educational resources with more and more high school graduates. Through three years’ study of credit and selective courses at CFAU, students with qualified performance will obtain a credit certificate of IBP, an associate diploma of adult education, and an international business management professional certificate. Students going abroad will directly transfer credits to the partner universities abroad, and can receive a bachelor degree of the overseas university after one year or one and a half year’s study. After receiving bachelor degree, students can choose to go on with their postgraduate study or come back. In 2016, the first group of IBP graduates has accomplished their study at CFAU and will go abroad to further their study.

Moreover, SIECE conducts various training programs regarding training on English language, foreign affairs etiquette, and international talents. SIECE can also have tailor-made training programs according to the requirements of enterprises and public institutions. Till now, SIECE has successfully carried out training programs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hainan Airlines, Export-Import Bank and National Geographic Information Bureau, etc..

1.2 Contact Us

Office of SIE    86-10-68323415

Office of IPP    86-10-68324402

Office of IBP    86-10-68323372

Contact of training programs    86-10-68323415

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