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About Us

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The Institute of International Relations (IIR) of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) is one of the earliest research and teaching institutes on international studies in China. Its predecessor was the Section of International Relations History of Renmin University of China which was founded in 1950. When CFAU was founded in 1955, the Section of International Relations History shifted to be a part of CFAU. It was then renamed as the Institute of International Relations in 1984.

Since  the beginning, IIR has concentrated its research on international relations history, theory and policy analysis. IIR set up an MA program in International Relations History in 1981 and a PhD program in International Relations in 1984. By now, IIR has one post-doctoral program in International Relations, two PhD programs in International Relations and International Politics, one MA program in International Relations, and one MPA program. The MA program has several concentrations , including Contemporary International Relations, Ccontemporary American Diplomacy, RusU.Ssian Diplomacy, Asia-Pacific Studies, Middle East Studies, and International Economic Relations. The International Studies discipline became the Beijing priority major  in 2002 and a national priority major  in 2011. Some of the professors at IIR also are also the directors of some research centers of CFAU, including the International Security Research Center, European Union Studies Center, RusU.Ssian Studies Center, American Studies Center, Middle-East Research Center, BRICS Research Center and National Soft Power Research Center, etc..

IIR has a highly professional faculty. We now have 18 faculty members, including 6 full professors, 7 associate professors, and 5 lecturers. IIR has had 14 professors rewarded with state special allowances since 1991. Professor Zhu Liqun, Professor Wang Fan, and Professor Zhao Huaipu received the Distinguished Teaching Award of Beijing Municipal Government, respectively, in 2007, 2009 and 2014. IIR also won the award of “Excellent Teaching Team in Beijing”. IIR has invited former ambassadors, diplomats, and distinguished professors as adjunct professors as well.

China IR theory, Global Governance and World Order, International Security and Strategy are three key research areas of IIR. These three areas are led by Professor Qin Yaqing, Professor Zhu Liqun, and Professor Wang Fan respectively. Under their leadership, we have published a series of high-quality, influential, studies, including over 100 CSSCI journal papers and about 20 books, and got several national social science funds in latest 5 years.

Teaching is also our priority. We have 1 national bilingual teaching model course, 3 Beijing distinguished teaching award winners, 2 model courses awarded by Beijing government, and 1 double degree MA program. Every year we recruit about 15 PhD students, 60 graduate students, and 30 foreign students.

We have built cooperateratedion with over 20 research institutes or universities from the major countries, such as Unites States, RusU.Ssia, France, Japan, Italy, Belgium, BelarusU.S, Singapore and South Korea. Each year we invite 3-5 foreign experts to visit our institute. We also set up two platforms, Sino-USU.S Scholars’ Strategic Dialogue and Emerging Countries Scholars Dialogue, to promote cooperation among scholars.

IIR serves as think tank as well. We undertake research projects for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beijing Municipal Government, or other Government branches. There are several faculty members served  at Chinese embassies around the world as diplomats. We also provide training programs for the civil service.  

We are dedicated to becominge  a world-known research and teaching institute with outstanding academic and policy-oriented research.


Address: Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University, No.24 Zhanlanguan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, China 100037

Tel.: 0086-010-68323903

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