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International Finance Research Center

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The Center for International Finance Research, founded in 2006, is a platform for research on financial issues, particularly international financial issues. The center integrates academics in finance and international studies at China Foreign Affairs University and closely links to academies in China and abroad, government and financial institutions. It aims to promote research of international finance at CFAU and provide intellectual support for the decision-making of government and financial institutions.  



To enhance the research capability of CFAU in international finance.

To advise the government and financial institutions.

To improve the effects of class teaching with more academic involvement for teachers and students.


Main Research Fields:

International financial system reform and global financial governance.

International financial cooperation and financial diplomacy.

International banking and supervision.

International financial markets and opening up of China’s financial sectors.

Exchange Rate for the RMB and Internationalization of the RMB.

Reform and development of China’s financial sectors.



Carrying out research programs.

Organizing seminars and conferences.

Collaborating with financial sectors and government.

Cooperating with business schools in China and abroad.


Main Research outcomes:

An evaluation of the contribution of Beijing’s banking institutions.

Changes in international finance and China’s strategy.

East Asian financial cooperation since the financial crisis.

East Asian financial cooperation from the perspective of the Sino-ASEAN relationship.

Financial development and innovation in ASEAN.

The strategy of exchange rate for the RMB.

Financial system for affordable housing.

China’s role in regional financial stability mechanisms.



Professor Ou Minggang.


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