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Africa Studies Center of CFAU

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Team Members:

Africa Studies Center (ASC) of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) was founded in December 2009. Up to now, there have been around a dozen members who are part-timers from the Department of Diplomacy, the Institute of International Relations, the Department of International Economics, the Department of English and International Studies, the Department of Foreign Languages (French and Japanese) and the Institute of Asia Studies. They have diversified professional knowledge background, with academic title of professors, associate professors, lecturers and PhD candidates.

The first ASC director was Professor Tang Xiao (2009-2016), the incumbent director is Professor Li Dan (2016- ).

Major Activities:

1.Participation in Sino-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Programs: From 2009 to now, ASC has actively participated in Sino-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Programs in the framework of Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum; undertaken more than a dozen of projects, scholar exchange programs, research programs and book publication projects.

2.Participation in Africa research projects of other Ministries and Agencies, such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Education and China Development Bank.

3.Attending domestic and international conferences on Sino-Africa relationship and diplomacy, communicating with African and international scholars.

4.Participation in training programs for young and middle-aged diplomats from African countries: Since 1996, CFAU has been working on training programs for African diplomats under foreign aid programs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce. ASC has successively host academic seminars with trainees. Some ASC members have participated in lecturing work for these training programs.

5.Invitation of Chinese ambassadors to African countries and African ambassadors to China to give lectures and colloquia.

6.Academic visits to Africa in the framework of China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Program or based on inter-college cooperation with African counterparts.

Academic Achievements:

1.Published research works and papers about Africa and China-Africa relations.

2.Cultivation of Doctor’s and Master’s theses about Africa.

3.Research reports for ministerial projects.


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