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Translation and Interpretation Studies Center (TISC)

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Translation and Interpretation Studies Center of CFAU, founded in July of 2008, aims to carry on CFAU’s tradition of leading translation teaching and studies for over 40 years, and to build on this basis a first-rate academic institution for translation studies. The center is set to achieve the following goals: to focus on studies of theories and teaching methods for translation and interpreting, and to form its own characteristics through innovation; to provide a platform for exchange of ideas among scholars of translation studies both at home and abroad and to promote cooperation with other centers for translation studies of other universities including foreign ones; to explore strategies for the education of advanced translators and interpreters; and to apply its academic findings to CFAU’s teaching practices to meet China’s needs for advanced translators and interpreters.

The center boasts an excellent team of highly-educated scholars of different ages with strong research abilities, who have achieved fruitful research results in studies and practice of translation and interpreting, in studies of translation teaching methods of diplomacy-themed topics etc since its establishment.

In short, the center will hold and vigorously participate various research activities concerning translation and interpreting as it used to, striving to build itself to be a center for studies of translation, a center for studies of translation teaching methods as well as a center for translation materials, which will continuously publish remarkable research achievements.


People profile


Liqiu Guo


Changqing Cui

Yinghong He

Ying Xu

Ning Lei

Zhenling Wang

Lingyi Jia

Ran Xu

Zhongwu Luo

Jia Tan

Bing Liu

Liqiu Guo




Monograph and edited books:

Guo, Liqiu. Strategies and Techniques for English-Chinese Translation and English Writing. Beijing: China Machine Press, 2008


Translated monograph:

Guo, Liqiu. Lacan Reframed: A Guide for the Arts Students (Steven Z. Lenine, translated Chinese version). Chongqing University Press, 2016

Guo, Liqiu. Great Authors and Short stories: Mystery Novels (translated Chinese version). Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2013

Guo, Liqiu. Great Authors and Short stories: Detective Novels (translated Chinese version). Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2013 (co-translator)



English-Chinese Translation Course Book: A Cohesion Theory-Based Approach ("Eleventh Five-Year" National Planned Textbook Series). Higher Education Press, 2011 (second author)



Guo, Liqiu. ‘A Probe into Mistranslations of Public Signs in Other Non-English Speaking Countries’ in Xuanmin Luo (eds), Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Translation Studies – Vol I (Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2015). pp.160-169.

Guo, Liqiu (1st author). ‘Cohesion in Text Translation: Theoretical Interpretation and Practical Application’ Shanghai Journal of Translators 31(04), 2011. pp.31-34.

Guo, Liqiu. ‘Translation of Terms in the Metallurgy Materials’ Shanghai Journal of Translators 28(03), 2012. pp.31-34.


Book chapters:

Guo, Liqiu. ‘On Different Levels of Translation’ in Administration Center for China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (eds), Selected Articles for the 12th Anniversary of CATTI- Vol IV (Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2015). Pp.156-162.


Research Grants and Projects

Principal Investigator: Project of Textbook Compiling for CFAU Undergraduates (No.20140525), “Textbook for English-Chinese Translation of Essays on International News”, 2014

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