CFAU Honors Professor Katzenstein

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Professor Peter J. Katzenstein of Cornell University, a renowned scholar in international relations, received an Honorary Professorship from China Foreign Affairs University on April 25, 2017.The ceremony at the main building of the old campus was hosted by President Qin Yaqing and Vice President Wang Fan. It was attended by teachers and students of CFAU.

President Qin Yaqing highlighted the many academic achievements of Professor Katzenstein before presenting him with the Certificate of Honorary Professorship. Professor Katzenstein expressed his sincere gratitude to the faculty of CFAU for their recognition, saying it was a great honor.

Professor Katzenstein is one of the four honorary professors of CFAU who were selected during the university’s 60th anniversary celebration in 2015. The three other recipients are Robert O. Keohane, Wang Gungwu and Barry Buzan.

After the award ceremony, Professor Katzenstein gave a lecture entitled "The United States and the World in the Trump Era". He gave an in-depth analysis of the deep-seated factors behind the election of President Trump and its impact on international politics.

Professor Katzenstein had an in-depth exchange of views with the teachers and students, covering research into international relations and the hot issues of international politics. The lively exchange of views was appreciated by all who attended.

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