Li Haidong

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Professor in International Relations, Director of Center for American Studies, CFAU


U.S. Diplomacy and China-U.S. Relations



·                     Ph.D. (Nanjing University)

·                     M.A. (Nanjing University)

·                     B.A. (Shandong Normal University)


Biographical Statement

Professor Li Haidong is the Professor of the Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU). He also serves as the Director of Center for American Studies, CFAU. His research interests mainly lie in U.S. Diplomacy and China-U.S. Relations. He also has the Membership in Beijing Project of One-Hundred Young and Middle-Aged Talents in Social Science.

Professor Li Haidong convenes the courses Sino-U.S. Relations and U.S. Diplomacy (in English), Special Topics in Current U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Diplomatic History and China-U.S. Relations. He is a Supervisor of M.A. Candidatesand a Supervisor of Ph.D. Candidates. Professor Li has been the Fulbright Visiting Scholar in SAIS at Johns Hopkins University (2015-2016), Visiting Fellow in International Security Studies (ISS) at Yale University (2008-2009) and U.S. National Security Fellow in University of California, San Diego (2006). He did his post-doctor research on U.S. Diplomacy and the Relationship among Big Powers at Fudan University (2000-2002).




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