Dr. ZHOU Jiali

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Zhou Jiali is an associate professor in diplomatic protocol, international etiquette, personal image building and interpersonal communication.


Biographical Statement 

Zhou Jiali got her Ph.D. degree from China Foreign Affairs University in 2016 with studies on diplomacy, Master degree from Peking University in 2005 with studies on international politics, Bachelor degree from Hunan Normal University in1998 with studies on Chinese language and literature. Her main research interest is diplomacy, particularly the personal components of diplomacy such as diplomatic protocol, international etiquette, personal image building and the skill of interpersonal communication. Her doctoral thesis is on diplomatic etiquette in modern diplomacy.

Dr. Zhou is a CIP (Certified image professional) of AICI (Associate of Image Consultant International). She is the second person from Chinese mainland to achieve this honor. She is also a member of PDI (Protocol & Diplomacy International -the Protocol Officers' Association) and an experienced trainer in protocol, etiquette and image building. 

Selected Publications


1.         From Theory to practice—a study of Diplomatic protocol and etiquette, World Affairs Press, 2019. Editor-in-chief.

2.         International Etiquette, Beijing: China Machine Press, 2017.

3.         Foreign Exchange and Personal Image Building, Beijing: Current Press, 2012.

4.         Clothes Can Be Easy; Accessories are the Challenge, Beijing: Longman Press, 2011.

5.         A New guide to international etiquette for officials, published by Jinan press, 2017. (Second editor-in-chief)

6.        Involved in writing on Foreign affairs knowledge manual for public officialspublished by Chinese personnel press, 2012.

7.        Involved in writing on International etiquette  Middle school edition,  published by Publishing House of Jinan, 2019.


Selected Articles:

1.        “The Research of Exceptional Cases of Diplomatic Protocol In International Politics”, Liaoning University journal(Philosophy and social sciences), No 3, 2020.

2.        “The global upgrading of Chinese culture: from going out to going in”, Seeker, No.3,2020.

3.        “The exploration of six - dimensional teaching method in the course of international Etiquette”, Data of Culture and Education, No. 2, 2020.

4.        “Unveiling the veil of diplomatic protocol and etiquette”, World Affairs, No.5, 2020.

5.        “Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette with Trump ’s Personalities: An Psychological Perspective”, In Journal of Tongren University, vol,21,No.4,Jul,2019.

6.        “Evolution of Diplomatic Protocol of China and Major-Country Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics”, Foreign Affairs Review, No.2, 2019.

7.          “As a tool of power game--- the implicit function of protocol and etiquette” Liaoning University journal(Philosophy and social sciences), reprinted by Cultural Studies, Book and newspaper information center of Renmin University of China, No 8, 2018.

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20.     “Historical Spiral Cycle Theory and Political Civilization in the Future” in From the Various Beauty to the Combined Beauty -- the Third Pole Symposium 2014 (second author) Beijing Normal University Press, 2014.

21.     “Using Words Westerners Can Understand – Discussing the Skill of Communication in Public Diplomacy,” in The New Pattern of the World and China’s International Communication, December 2012.

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Be A columnist for newspaper “China Golf News” on 2006, one article a week.


Email: lijiazhou@cfau.edu.cn

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